ThePack 76. By moogra

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ThePack 76. By moogra

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ThePack Features

Automsg (aka MoograTips)
Henesys PQ, KerningPQ, LudiMaze PQ, LudiPQ, ZakumPQ, Guild PQ working
Field of Judgement every 2 hours
Odin Base PvP
4th Job Skill Events working

Meteorite trades 1 Gold Leaf for 1 billion mesos and vice versa
Sera maxes skills, gives random job items
Robin resets stats and adds in stats
Spinel warps to towns and monster maps
Cody changes jobs including pirate
Mr Oh changes background music
Spindle sells NX
O-Pongo sells buffs
Konpei warps to PvP map
Nara is the Donator Point NPC
Shanks is in the FM, does all of the above.
Vicious warps to event map if !event is in use
Gachapon Works
Adobis manages Zakum squads
Coco Sells Fame
Boss Summoner is in FM22
Meteorite 2 warps to FM22

Boss Reactors work
PQ reactors work

NX hack autoban
KIPE autoban
Smega Spam autoban
Monster summonbag autoban
All of autoban disabled

Drop Cards/Exp Cards work
Up to 15 worlds, you can pick through World.Properties
Real Marriage with "SQL support"
Pets work like they do in GMS, they walk toward items as well (including robos)
Servermessage, Event Message, Server name in
Working Cash Shop
Skill Macros Work
All non-pirate skills work, only 2-3 pirate skills are broken
Arrows drop normally
GMS Drops and GMS Shops
Reborns work at 200+
Player Shops
Ring Effects - Possibly Full
Monster Skills
Monster Effects
Gm skills don't get maxed
Forced Map Returns added with offline exp fixer
Login Port in
Beginners start with 100 buddy slots
Guilds and BBS, old stuff
Teleport rocks work, Smegas work
Everything with pets work
Chairs Work
Summons, Commands, Morphs, Salons Work, GM Map has hair/eye changer
Guild Prices are GMS like
Prices are GMS like
Old Drop System
Auto Warp Out after PQ
Showa and Orbis Exchange quests
Trade Button Warps to FM
2x Exp card working
Full wedding if npcs are made.
Mount exp/leveling/fatigue
Dash Working
Robos Working
Donator Point system + seller in FM
Karma System
Parties working
Drop Rate can be set at 0 without glitching
MTS Added
VIP Teleport Rock

GM Features:
GM Levels
Only GMs can be 250+, level cap at 250 with auto congrats
GMs can fame as much as they want to
GMs can choose whether to chat in white or not
GMs cannot be banned
Killall gives Exp and Drops
GMs gain more hp/mp on level up
All Scrolls Work for GMs and don't lose slots
An Admin (owner) can be set in world.prop
New Characters that are created in a GM account are GMs.
Set people as interns from karma system.


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